Curate and retarget your most popular content from anywhere on the web.

Kurbi centralizes your best  content from across communication channels, categorizes it by topic, and delivers it in context to consumers anywhere on your website.
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How Does Kurbi Work

72% of internet users turn to the web for answers to their health questions. We believe the places they receive care should be the easiest places to find what they're looking for.

Kurbi makes sure that where ever people land on your website, from which ever channel you capture their attention, they’re able to easily find what they need to make confident healthcare decisions.

Like a #hashtag, Kurbi consolidates topic-focused content related to symptoms, care providers, studies & white-papers, blogs, social media, treatment & procedure info, and any other form of content you have to offer.

Users simply tell us what they’re interested in and we pull all of the content they need related to that topic.

Turn Content into Curated Experiences

(3 simple steps. No code, no IT or designers needed)


Kurbi is powered by snippets of your existing content from across the web.

Each snippet is organized into a Queue.  To get started simply specify the URL you’d like to point the reader to, we’ll pull in the content, then highlight up to 250 character sections of the text to create the snippet.


Every web page presents readers with a number of topics they may be interested in.

Does your website make it clear where to go for more of what they're interested in?

If the answer is no, rather then send them to your search bar or lose them to a search engine, Kurbi let’s you connect readers to related content for any keyword term you’d like.

Once a reader selects a term, we pull snippets from the designated Queue and any corresponding call-to-action you set up.


Kurbi makes it easy to know exactly what’s going on with your content. We automatically track every like, share, comment, view, click and conversion to give you clear insights into how people are engaging, and what combinations of content work best for any number of consumer segments.

About Us

We're a scrappy team of internet addicts building autonomous chatbots to bridge the gap between healthcare and health information.

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