Get answers from local experts to keep moving when pain slows you down

Find community, encouragement, and inspiration to keep doing the activities that matter to you when chronic pain tries to hold you back.

Get answers from local experts based on your goals and interests

In today’s activity tracking world you’re only as good as you feel driven to be. But what about the times when your body can’t keep up with your routine? You know, like when your knees hurt too bad to go running, or when you’re back hurts too much to workout.

Wouldn’t it be great to finally stop searching the internet for answers to how to safely push through the pain? What if the answers you're looking for came to you?  And not just generic answers, we're talking information from local experts who understand your pain and are also interested in the same activities as you.

That's what we're working on. Kurbi connects you to local health, wellness, and fitness professionals based on your goals and interests to keep you moving when pain tries to slow you down.

Kurbi is still in development but we’re letting people get an early peek.

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