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About Us

We're a scrappy team of internet addicts building marketing tools to help people like you, local health & wellness professionals shine like the experts you are. 
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When people land on your website they’re looking for answers. Kurbi helps you deliver a personal experience, qualify leads, and safely engage.

How Kurbi Works

Kurbi is an exciting new marketing tool for private practices. Our mission is to make it easier for the smartest health & wellness professionals in every city to connect with the people in need of their help.
Never let a person leave your website without a personal greeting. We know you're busy, so we'll do it for you. Kurbi automates chat with bots that run on scripts you create with your own words.
We take privacy very seriously. With Kurbi, you'll never have to worry about personally identifiable information. There isn't any! We've made chat completely anonymous. You can even add your own privacy disclaimer to the conversation as well.
Unlike other chat solutions, Kurbi let's you link content from multiple sources to triggers within your conversation. You can link to blogs, events, photos, or existing content on your website.

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