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Kurbi finds the best answers to health & fitness questions from local experts that share your interests

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Save yourself time and frustration. Chat with qualified professionals within 30 miles of your location, explain your situation, and pick the best fit for you.

Get answers from local experts based on your goals and interests

Get answers not search results

Nothing is worse than fishing through Google results and having to guess about which results are right for you. Kurbi lets you send health and wellness questions to local, qualified experts within 30 miles of wherever you are.

Get multiple perspectives

No more wasting time and money on consultations with people you don’t click with. Kurbi delivers multiple perspectives, from different types of experts, that you can message with to qualify is a good fit before you meet in person.

Connect on common ground

Finding someone that you share common interests with makes communication so much easier. When someone knows what it’s like to walk in your shoes they treat you different. We think it’s something healthcare is missing that you’ll find refreshing with our app.

Kurbi is still in development but we’re letting people get an early peek.

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